About Us

We provide consulting services for industrial and government organizations for industrial applications such as Photonics, Antennas, RF components, Microwave analysis and design; Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulations, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference (EMC/EMI) applications, Modeling and Simulations of Electromagnetic lightning strikes, and scientific computing.

The president of the company, Dr. Raouf, has more than 20 years of experience in Applied Electromagnetics, Photonics, Antenna Design, design of Radio Frequency (RF) components, Computational Electromagnetics, and developing commercial 3D software packages for modeling and simulation of Photonics, Antennas and Microwave applications.

HASystem Tech Inc. is specialized in  Photonics, RF, Antennas and Microwave analysis and design; Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulations; Scientific Computing; Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference (EMC/EMI) applications; Modeling and Simulations of Electromagnetic lightning strikes.


HASystem Tech Inc.  can offer consultations for:

(1) Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulations

(2) Photonics

(3) Antenna Analysis and Design

(3) RF and Microwave Design such as:   RF components, PCB RF design, using metamaterials for RF and antenna Design, wire antennas, horn Antennas, Reflector Antennas, multiband, bandwidth enhancement, and antenna design for UWB Communications, reconfigurable antennas, phased arrays, MIMO antennas, microwave design e.g., waeguides and planar Microwave circuits, matching networks, microwave filters, directional couplers, microwave connectors.

(4) Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference (EMC/EMI)  Problems

(5) Simulation of Electromagnetic Lightning Strikes

(5) Electromagnetic scattering and Radar Cross Section (RCS) Calculations

(6) Scientific computing