Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD)

As the computational challenges increased dramatically in the advanced telecommunications and especially in the 5G industry applications including the  mmWave massive MIMO design and Optical Communications which need to cover broadbands and ultrawidebands of frequencies, developing/using FDTD electromagnetic solver is very important for the Antenna Design, and  RF and Optical Communications for the following reasons.

FDTD has many advantages such as:

  • it gives the solution for broadband and ultrawideband problems from a single execution of the problem using a short pulse, and it is very fast for this kind of applications compared to the frequency domain methods (such as the MoM)
  • no storage in time and no matrix inversion are needed
  • it provides both the near-field and far-field results from a single run.
  • FDTD has a high accuracy for a wide variety of RF and Antenna design applications
  • It is powerful tool for the electromagnetic modeling and simulations for the optical communications and photonic applications, and therefore you can extend the frequency band of the toolbox to cover the optical frequency range.
  • understanding the time-domain behavior of antennas and RF components is important because it simulates the real practical problems.

In addition to the advantages of the regular FDTD solver, challenging problems for the design of massive MIMO in the  mmWave and optical frequency bands can be solved using new FDTD techniques.

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